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February, 2016

Interactive installation as part of "Let's see" exhibition by new Collective

“Let’s See” is first group exhibition of art group New Collective. New Collective was founded in September of 2014 and was experimental result of two week long workshop about problems and necessities of our community. New Collective unites 11 female artists. 

Our main target is improvement and analyses of social situation through art. We believe that art can provide a lot of answers and enlightenment if seen and embraced in a right way, also art with its wide definition is source for harvesting ones creativity and curiosity which we see as a very important detail in the process of searching and constructing self and self as part of community.

With this exhibition we tried to question and challenge forms and goals of education. We consider that correct education is ultimate answer. Definition of correct education is very subjective but we also consider that in our conditions there is no space left to be objective. Our idea of correct education is based first of all on balancing communication between human capacity and information. In traditional manner of learning, heard or seen information is always dominant and one is taking role of a box where this information gets locked and sometimes reproduced. We want to encourage this process of reproduction for audience with creating opened, challenging, experimental, but familiar works and situations. 

During two days of exhibition visitors will have possibility to observe and be part of whole process of artists working in space. This way we present ourselves and our works was inspired by desire of creating conditions where viewer feels confused and comfortable at the same time, we want the audience to question situation and their role in this situation because we deeply believe that true study is a form of experience. 

Members of New Collective: Nata Kipiani, Anna Martiashvili, Tamuna Mchedlishvili, Valeriya Tvardovskaya, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Khatia Chokhonelidze, Tamara Gobronidze, Ana Jikia, Elene Gabrichidze, Ana Chaduneli, Tamar Chaduneli.

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