So Good, So Far


Project Artbeat

Tbilisi, Georgia


March 2018

Several things haven’t been changed at my house since my early childhood. One of them is a tapestry with Virgin Mary, with big pom-poms. I've been trying to hide this icon whole my life.  Sometimes, I put huge bunch of flowers in front of it. Several times I tried to remove it from the wall and save, but I could not do it because of my grandmother's resistance. I didn’t have any religious goals, it was an attempt to adjust to the aesthetic trends and nothing handmade, nor gobelin or a grandiose icon couldn’t fit these trends. But I always loved threads of that pom-poms, rough like a curly, dry hair and the form – unimposing big for the rooms of Soviet houses.

I always try to do things that are outside of my comfort zone.  So after I started thinking about the aesthetics and mystic loves of my region, I realized, that what we are hiding from our guests, hoping they will get us more “modern” persons, in fact, these things are a real visual expressions of national taste and that this tapestry was the expression of my family's hidden taste. Machine-made tapestry, as a model of national handicraft. That’s why I decided to use machine-made tapestry as a material – as a symbol of mechanized tradition and make text on it, text which contains a short statement about the current situation in Georgia. About a place and a state where fairy tales and nightmares are everyday reality. Country where trees swim in the sea and where systematic brainwash and manipulation is masked under the traditional beliefs or religion...

So Far, So Good is a common belief that everything happening outside of our country is way better than the events in our homeland. Seeking Refuge in a country thats the most distant, most unknown.