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Sound as a Form


Nectar gallery

Tbilisi, Georgia


December, 2015

"Vowels, as the most intimate way of self-expression.
Sound as a form.

With this exhibition we try to simulate the way we perceive reality that exists in our physical world in various layers and shapes.

Vowels draw - schemas, schemas draw - shapes and shapes draw reality which we feel.

With contemporary art medium, we can perceive only a limited portion of the physical reality, but if we separate mediums from each other, or change the hierarchy between them, we’ll be able to refresh our feelings and strengthen the perception.

Using the sound as a form, we’re manipulating on feelings: instead of the emotions - preconceived by our sight, we’re expecting new shapes - seen by our auditory sensitivity. 

And what reality indeed is: what we see and know or what we hear and feel, or both?"


Ana Jikia 
Ika Jojua (Aghnie) 
Levan Shanidze 
Sandro Dolbandze
qpq-[e .•° tamura 
Zuka Babunashvili 

During the exhibition, all lights in the gallery were turned off. music was played in headphones. 

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