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My tapestries are a commentary, a joke, the highlight of the elements and the ruling behind-the-scenes dynamics of the current world in a nutshell. Of things that have shaped/failed to shape me/us. The highlight of the absurdity, of the resistance, of what we as a community have achieved, or what we have overcome.

By ripping, destroying and then building up again the machine made, Soviet period,  tranquil, conventionally beautiful tapestries into the image that is the representation of the best world for me, I meditate, I heal from the sentence that I have embroidered by hand on the image offered by the culture that has given birth to me. I decorate it, adorn it, burn and tore it the same way as this aesthetics, culture, and mentality has treated me.


My love/hate relationship with tapestries started in my early childhood, when we had a factory made Virgin Mary tapestry at home, I hated it, it was so kitschy, so “not contemporary looking”, I wanted to remove it, I used to hide it when people were visiting… but at some point,  I suddenly had this unstoppable desire to create my own. And so it started, after I found one on the bazaar. I embroidered on it and then deconstructed it.


Tapestry series seems never-ending , it never gets me bored, I always find new ways to destroy it, new ways to build.

And I never not have something to say, the last word is always mine.

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